” ART SAVE LIVES ” Exhibition Photographic in Medina Heritage, Marrackesh. 1 to 17 April.




Two decades ago, life changed for Quim Fàbregas. It all happened by chance, without knowing it, photography and travels would become soul and life for him.

His passion for capturing life through his camera made him his way of life, moving away from the stereotypes of capitalist and selfish society until he literally left everything behind and embarked on his travel plans that allowed him to discover and teach the world that so many don’t know, a world full of healthy life that exercises its right to nature where souls live and the people they inhabit are joy and nothing more.

Quim Fábregas has been able to help many communities and people in different countries and all thanks to his belief that a better world is possible together. He has seen poverty and wealth hand in hand and knows that the poor is the one who has no compassion for anyone or anything and the rich is the one who understands that we are all equal A specialist in the portrait of Almas, the images of Quim Fábregas quim before the eye of whoever sees them, this humanitarian photographer devotes himself to the work and then distributes his profits where it is needed. He nourishes his soul and his life, developing his social and humanitarian work.

Look at the gaze, reach the soul, is a work that was born 24 years ago and with

herself, she reached beyond people and hearts, she reached souls and lives which goes beyond the simple portrait.

Without any professional preparation, each image is raw as life, working with great respect and harmony on all the people photographed.

Quim Fábregas has a dream to achieve, to improve all the worlds he knows, and without any doubt, he realizes it!

During these years, Quim Fàbregas was mistreated in almost all the companies where he worked and collaborated, where on many occasions he worked ill due to anxiety, depression due to the slavery he suffered in the business world. His only strength: PHOTOGRAPHY. 

hanks to photography and his motto “ART SAVE LIVES”  he gave meaning to his journey, since in many several times he attempted to commit suicide.










Instagram: @quimfabregas

Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@quim_fabregas

E-mail: quimfabregas@gmail.com

Phone: +34 625229658


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